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A finish for every taste

Want beautiful woodwork without having to stain it every summer? The key is to treat the wood. Regardless of its condition, wood needs to be sanded to open its pores and promote absorption. If your surfaces are well maintained, we will perform a light sanding. In the opposite case, we will use scraping and an intense mechanical sanding with an electric sander. Lightening of the wood is also popular to give it a more youthful appearance. 

Application on all surfaces

An effective solution

Perfect preparation

The right staining for your home

We also offer exterior staining

For those who like the look of natural wood, we recommend a semi-transparent stain, with a matte or gloss finish depending on the results you expect. If you are looking for a uniform look that hides any deformities in the woodwork, an opaque stain will give it a completely new look. In the event that your wood has been previously painted, we also have products to help you achieve the highest possible durability.

Why use our exterior siding services?

Quick and efficient work

Our team of Montreal residential painters is dedicated to doing the job right. Our goal is to provide you with the best staining and siding service possible. That's why we take care to complete your painting job efficiently and on time.

Increase the value of your home

Whether you want to sell your home or simply revitalize it, hiring a staining and siding service is a good idea. Our painters can make your home more beautiful and increase its value.

High-end stains

At Peintres Premium, we use only high quality stains to ensure that your exterior siding projects are successful. Whether it's for your deck or the exterior of your home, we always offer the best product for your surface.

Our exterior staining projects

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