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How to Paint a Garage Door

A garage door is one of the first things a person sees when they look at your home. Garage doors face the harsh elements of Montreal’s weather and get run down overtime. If your garage door is looking worse for wear, it may be time to weigh your options when adding value to your home.

Many homeowners may buy a brand-new garage door instead of painting or even renovating their existing one. Painting a garage door is much less expensive and just as effective as replacing an old garage door. A fresh coat of paint will extend the life of your garage door while giving it a new, modern look.

The professional house painters at Peintures Premium give you their top tips on how to paint your garage door.

1. Choose the best day for painting a garage door

Before painting your garage door, it’s important to check the weather forecast. In general, the ideal temperature for painting is between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. The benefit of planning ahead for painting your garage door is to improve the quality of the paint application by ensuring better durability and adhesion of the paint.

Choose the right paint for a garage door

Once you know when you’re going to be doing the garage door painting, you can choose the paint and primer that you’re going to apply to your garage door.

To choose the ideal color for your garage door, consider what color effect you want to have with the exterior of your home. Do you want your garage door to blend in with the rest of your house’s painted siding ? Do you want your garage door to stand out and make a statement? The color palette you choose will redefine your home.

The most popular colors are usually neutral, such as beige, white or gray. Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select paint is a great choice for painting your garage. At Peintres Premium, we use the best products to give you the best results.

2. Preparing the garage door

To paint your garage door, you need to prepare the surface before applying the paint. This may require renovations such as removing the chipped paint and properly sanding the door or even installing a new panel.

Before preparing the surface, make sure that the power to your garage door is disconnected if it is electrical or that you use a rope to secure the door if it is not. This will prevent any possible risks with a moving door during the renovation. Apply a TSP-type degreaser to the entire surface to be painted. Wipe off the cleaner and once dried, sand the paint and chip away flaking paint. Re-apply the degreaser to the surface to remove any lingering dust and paint chips. You may need to sand the surface again. The surface of your garage door must be perfectly smooth.

At Peintres Premium, our door and window painting service includes professionally preparing the surfaces of interior and exterior walls and frames in a timely fashion.

3. Protect other surfaces from paint

When you’re ready to paint, don’t forget to tape off and drape tarps or sheets over other surfaces to avoid paint splatters and spills.

Exterior surfaces are harder to clean because of external elements. Use heavy duty painter’s tapes that have a strong adhesive backing that won’t leave a resin. By contacting the professional Montreal exterior painters at Peintres Premium, you hire a turnkey service and peace of mind for that crisp painted finish free from paint spills.

4. Prime and paint your garage door

Once your garage door has been restored, apply a coat of primer on the entire surface. You can let the primer dry for at least 12 hours. Apply the primer paint from top to bottom, starting with the interior panels of the door and then the exterior ones. Once the primer is set, you can now paint your garage door starting from the top and work your way downwards.

At Peintres Premium, we use smooth-finish spray guns to give you a perfect and timely result. To paint all the aspects of your garage door, we use a rope to access and paint the hidden areas of the door.

5. Paint a second coat of paint

After your garage door has dried, you can admire your work! If the surface looks evenly covered, then you don’t have to do anything else.

However, it is possible that some portions of your exterior door are uneven, with the presence of old paint marks. If you notice any defects on your garage door, apply another coat of paint and let it dry for another 12 hours.

Trust Peintres Premium to renovate your garage door!

In 5 easy steps, you now have rejuvenated your old garage door into something modern and eye catching. Don’t have the time to paint your garage door yourself? Trust the team at Peintres Premium. We have the tools and the expertise to offer you a turnkey solution at a much lower price than a complete exterior door replacement. Contact us today!

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