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Should you paint or replace your aluminium siding ?

Aluminum cladding has an indefinite life span. However, the paint finish that covers it is more vulnerable to the weather. Over time, the resin in the paint breaks down and its pigment is exposed to the sun. The coating then begins to look faded and will eventually revert to its original metal.

What is the solution for painting aluminum siding?

To fix the situation, people often opt for a complete coating change. However, if the aluminum is still in good condition, painting will restore its original look for a fraction of the cost (6 to 10 times less!).

How do I paint previously painted exterior aluminum?

1. A general pressure cleaning with TSPe and a water rinse should be performed to remove natural impurities and chalky residues.

2. If surfaces expose the original metal, it will be necessary to apply a spot primer to ensure proper paint adhesion.

3. Apply two coats of specialized paint to the aluminum, with the option to change colors.

That’s it! Your siding is now good for another 10 years.

Contact professional painters to renovate your aluminum wall covering

To save time and money while maintaining the beauty of your home’s aluminum siding, it’s a good idea to hire residential painters! To do so, contact our experts as soon as possible. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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