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How to Restore Your Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Have you just bought a new home with a kitchen aesthetic you’d like to change? Want to renovate your old kitchen, but not sure where to start? Not to worry, the home painting experts at Peintres Premium are here to help!

Before you start tearing down those old wood cabinets, check out these 5 ideas for restoring them that will help transform your kitchen into a truly modern space.

1. Repaint your wood kitchen cabinets

An effective and economical way to renovate your kitchen cabinets is to repaint them. Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to revitalize them, but achieving a professional, finished look can be more difficult than it seems.

Therefore, it’s best to hire kitchen cabinet painting experts to guarantee a good outcome. This is particularly true if your cabinets are made of high-quality wood—professionals will know which best practices to employ to avoid damaging them.

At Peintres Premium, we take your interior painting projects very seriously. Whether you have wood or melamine kitchen cabinets, we will use only the best interior paint imported directly from Italy.

2. Put a vinyl wrap on your kitchen cabinets

If you want to cover up your old wood cabinets, applying vinyl wrap or peel and stick veneer is a solution to consider. You can completely transform your kitchen cabinets by covering them with a vinyl wrap that has a completely different texture. This is a simple way to give your kitchen a fresh, modern look.

Vinyl wrap can save you valuable time and costly renovations. Furthermore, it can be used to update all kinds of interior design elements, from countertops to cupboards!

3. Change your kitchen cabinet handles

While they may seem like a very minor aspect of your kitchen décor, cabinet door handles can have a significant impact on the room’s aesthetic. Changing up the handles can make your kitchen look very different and add a little personal touch.

If you want to transform your wood kitchen cabinets, a new set of handles may be just what you need. You can switch from handles to knobs (or vice versa), and pick from the plethora of styles, shapes and colours available. If you aren’t sure what to choose, you can always ask house painters in Montreal for advice.

4. Add wooden shelves to your kitchen

A kitchen with cabinets can sometimes end up seeming smaller than it really is. One way to modernize your kitchen and make it feel more spacious is to install wooden shelving in place of some of the cabinets.

Open shelving can make the space feel airier and give it a welcoming, modern look. It also gives you the opportunity to show off your best dinnerware and add some decorative elements like plants!

5. Paint the back of your kitchen cabinets

A unique and cost-effective way to restore your kitchen cabinets is to only repaint the back of them. Homeowners who opt for this solution can have interior painters revitalize their cabinets at a lower cost than if they were repainting the fixtures in their entirety.

Painting just the back of your kitchen cabinets creates a really unexpected and impressive look. The trick is to find the right paint colour to match the rest of your kitchen furniture.

Restore your wood kitchen cabinets with Peintres Premium

Restoring wood cabinets can be a hassle if not done correctly. If you want your project done by experienced painters who have the right tools for the job, Peintres Premium is a great choice. We use spray guns with a smooth finish nozzle to complete the work quickly and create a sleek, professional look.

Contact us today and get a free quote!

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